I have done a bad thing. In my rush to better my writting skills I have joined WordPress and added blog after blog in antempt to make myself a better writter. (That and I’m so anal about organising my writing that one blog for all would freaking kill me) So now that I i’ve joined Tumblr and enjoy their server a lot better (though the blogs here are more my taste) I cannot delete my blogs. I really want to free up my names so that others can use them but that is not accpetable. Also I came to the point that I couldn’t even post regularly because the stress of juggling sooo many blogs made me want to hurl. So take a lesson from me. Do not make many blogs in the hopes that you can make a name for yourself or even better your writting. Just stick to one. Not only would you not streach yourself thin but you would also not come across as a spammer. (Ugh bad bad comparison) Anyway that’s all for this (as well as my other) blogs. Ja ne.