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YouTube – How To Be Alone

In this modern-day and Age people have come to rely more and more on other people for things they don’t really need to. For example, it has become a common occurence for hordes of young adults (Because this is the dynamic that is catalysing the change) to go anywhere with at least one other person tagging along. Now I don’t expect anyone to go anywhere alone as such but would it really be so bad to take the time to go out on your own?

The video above a short poem(Not done by me but you should look at it) about how to be alone and the things you can enjoy in your solitude. Before the world had hit this modern age everyone had the pleasure of wanking happily without people across several oceans seeing them on the internet. Otherwise on a smaller scale how can someone gather their thoughts in a crowded room where everyone is talking and trying to get their attention. Can you enjoy the scent of a rose or the happiness of an ice cream sundae?

In theory you still can but the normal human cannot. Not as much as they could. Modern day media has evolved so much that it markets dependability. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this the kind of thinking (Dependence on unnecessary thinks) that many activist groups want to eradicate? So why is our society running head first towards this dependant attitude. Sure it may be ok to depend o some one and some thing every now and again but to make them your make source of comfort? Sometimes we just have to go be alone.


Death of the Veggie!

null One thing I realized over the course of the time I spent on this earth surfing the web, is that I dislike internet vegetarians. Well most of them. They always seem so spiteful when someone brings up the topic, whether themselves, another vegetarian or meat-eater. I am not going to say being a vegetarian is wrong cause I am friends with a lot of them and they are really cool about it. (Or maybe we just sweep it under the rock?) However that is not the point, the point is why are so many vegetarians in life bitter on the internet.

The knee jerk reaction of meat eaters opened my eyes to how sensitive people could be to the topic. Like me very shameless comment after I felt like I was being insulted. Hayley Stevens Is a pretty good writer and I agreed with half of her post because she sounded really mature about the people who gave her weird looks about being vegetarian and for that she had my respect.

However, at the end it turned more into a kind of spiteful ranting. Despite that she is still one of the internet vegetarians that I like a lot more than the others. Some of vegetarians out right called meat eaters murders. I laughed at this point in particular because how do we know that vegetarians aren’t murders too? Afterall plants are living things too (which is the main reason I couldn’t be a vegan and at one point stopped eating).


In fact they supply us with oxygen which is important too but that doesn’t matter now. especially not for me. In the end being a vegetarian is a choice, one that must not be taken light. i.e do some research before going out to become a vegetarian or even go back to eating meat. Both choices are completely fine but should be heavily thought through.


Why Siblings Don’t Get Along…

Everyone across the globe has someone that they treat as their siblings or even real siblings. I shall not offer one of those nice heartwarming posts about how wonderful siblings are because frankly I don’t know much about that. It is well know that siblings fight. Why they fight is a whole ‘nother story. When kids are born the only thing they have to guide them are their instincts and the ability to learn quickly. Many psychologists who study children believe that they fight because of birth order. I believe they might be onto something.

When the first/only child is born, they are lazy and more than likely are narcissistic because they don’t have to earn their parents’ love or fight for food or anything like that; they just are, according to the layman. Some psychologists believe that there is nothing wrong with the first/only child in comparison to other children.

Now the middle child is where things get interesting. Everyone see this child as the one who hates people. They are never around and never seem to want much of anything from anyone. They are the ones who always fall behind the first born and must pick up the mess because they must learn how. psychologists believe that they learn no skills in life that can help them out and tend to be loners.

Finally there is the last child. These children are by far the most cute, according to the average man. They get all the love that the parents have because they cannot fend for themselves and parents like to know they are doing for their kids and not leaving them by the wayside. Their mannerisms and wits are the talk of any family party especially when the topic is Kids. However many psychologists believe that the youngest of the family learns skills that would best suit them in field where their life is called for or some form of risk. They are viewed as being either over loved or underloved.

As for why siblings fight it is very simple, they have to earn their parents love. Yes it’s true that each parent loves their child t death but each child has a separate type of love. Each type of love would come with it’s own rewards and risks as well as variations of attention. By the time the youngest comes along the middle child is all but forgotten between the shouts of “Isn’t he cute”, “Why would you do that” and “That’s mah boy!” So they with draw inward where it is safer. For the eldest child, they normal feel as if they have been forgotten and tend to act out in the hopes of regaining what they and their parents shared before the younger ones came about.

N.B If you take this seriously it is at your own expense. TaTa!