null One thing I realized over the course of the time I spent on this earth surfing the web, is that I dislike internet vegetarians. Well most of them. They always seem so spiteful when someone brings up the topic, whether themselves, another vegetarian or meat-eater. I am not going to say being a vegetarian is wrong cause I am friends with a lot of them and they are really cool about it. (Or maybe we just sweep it under the rock?) However that is not the point, the point is why are so many vegetarians in life bitter on the internet.

The knee jerk reaction of meat eaters opened my eyes to how sensitive people could be to the topic. Like me very shameless comment after I felt like I was being insulted. Hayley Stevens Is a pretty good writer and I agreed with half of her post because she sounded really mature about the people who gave her weird looks about being vegetarian and for that she had my respect.

However, at the end it turned more into a kind of spiteful ranting. Despite that she is still one of the internet vegetarians that I like a lot more than the others. Some of vegetarians out right called meat eaters murders. I laughed at this point in particular because how do we know that vegetarians aren’t murders too? Afterall plants are living things too (which is the main reason I couldn’t be a vegan and at one point stopped eating).


In fact they supply us with oxygen which is important too but that doesn’t matter now. especially not for me. In the end being a vegetarian is a choice, one that must not be taken light. i.e do some research before going out to become a vegetarian or even go back to eating meat. Both choices are completely fine but should be heavily thought through.