In this modern-day and Age people have come to rely more and more on other people for things they don’t really need to. For example, it has become a common occurence for hordes of young adults (Because this is the dynamic that is catalysing the change) to go anywhere with at least one other person tagging along. Now I don’t expect anyone to go anywhere alone as such but would it really be so bad to take the time to go out on your own?

The video above a short poem(Not done by me but you should look at it) about how to be alone and the things you can enjoy in your solitude. Before the world had hit this modern age everyone had the pleasure of wanking happily without people across several oceans seeing them on the internet. Otherwise on a smaller scale how can someone gather their thoughts in a crowded room where everyone is talking and trying to get their attention. Can you enjoy the scent of a rose or the happiness of an ice cream sundae?

In theory you still can but the normal human cannot. Not as much as they could. Modern day media has evolved so much that it markets dependability. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this the kind of thinking (Dependence on unnecessary thinks) that many activist groups want to eradicate? So why is our society running head first towards this dependant attitude. Sure it may be ok to depend o some one and some thing every now and again but to make them your make source of comfort? Sometimes we just have to go be alone.